Everyone here at RiceHouse welcomes you to


"Everyone" would be The Rice Brothers, Johnny and Chris, and also our parents,

John and Jean, who are our partners in everything we do here at RiceHouse

(Parents and children participating in full, glorious partnership with one another ... imagine that!

Which, uhm, you'll sort of have to do, since they won't let us put photographs of them here on this site. <smile>)


 Johnny                                                Chris


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If you're new here, and would like to know what this site is about...


piano-and-cello-and-friends.com is about


Beautiful music ... piano and cello, mostly, but sometimes

other instruments, too, when our friends join us for ensembles,

or when we otherwise feature their playing.


Classical music is our "main thing" ... but we have a great love

and appreciation for other wonderful music, also, and we'll be sharing

a bit of that with you, as well!


Videos of the playing of all of this music...

It can be fabulous to just listen to music when it's being played

in a gorgeous way, but much better, from our points of view,

to be able to watch it being played, too!

It's almost as though the "rule" has been

"Classical music should be heard, but not seen!"

... which makes about as much sense as a choice to walk blindfolded

through a forest, able to hear all the amazing sounds, but

missing the beauty of the visual side of the experience!


You'll find YouTube videos on our videoblog.  As you are

probably aware, videos which appear on YouTube are

relatively poor in visual quality (for technical reasons).  So,

for those of you who prefer a higher-quality visual experience,

click here

The better-visual-quality videos may take a little while to download

and start playing, or they may start very quickly for you,

depending upon the speed of your internet access -

and you'll need the QuickTime Player, which you'll be invited to

download and install, if you don't already have it.  We think

you'll very much enjoy the better-visual-quality videos!


We also feature a FORUM on this site and we very much

hope that you will join us there for conversations about

beautiful music and its relationship to such things as

health, inspiration, and the creation of community.


The site has other features as well, such as the opportunity to


We're very interested in what music-lovers feel are the best

available videos of the types of music we feature on this site,

and we look forward to hearing your opinions!


You'll find other interesting things here at


(see the sidebar of the videoblog)


We hope you enjoy your visit here!







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