Chris Rice (cello) & Belinda Chiu (piano) play Schubert’s Arpeggione Sonata, 1st movement

Click here for the higher-visual-quality version of this video!

Belinda (who I mentioned in the previous post) and I performed this piece together when we were twelve years old. That was about half of our respective musical lifetimes ago, since we’re now both in the vicinity of 20 years old. Each of us started into piano at a pretty early age… I took my first formal lesson three days after I turned two. Heh … I was sitting on my Dad’s lap during Johnny’s first lesson … Johnny was 4 at the time, the youngest child in a class of mostly 7-year-olds … and I was throwing a fit, according to everyone present … it was apparently not okay with me to be excluded from the class. (I don’t remember, of course, having been too young at the time, or maybe having “blocked it out” … but I’m guessing that the folks who were present that day, and who still delight in telling this story, probably aren’t lying about it… <smile) Dad was trying to convince me that “behaving” would be a good idea, but I gather that I was having a difficult time getting my mind around the concept. I wanted to sit at one of the pianos and play it, like the other kids were doing. The teacher suggested that Dad go ahead and let me sit at one of the pianos … she was probably thinking that, even if I hammered away at the instrument, I’d be less of a distraction than I was already being. To everyone’s surprise, I was able to follow her musical instructions, and could do what the other kids were doing, so I was allowed to join the class, instead of being required to stay home when the next lesson came around.

I’m guessing that Belinda, who was a very sweet child, probably waited in a well-behaved, dutiful way, and joined her first class when it was “appropriate” for her to do so, when she was about 5 years old. <smile>

In the video which is embedded into this post, I notice that both Belinda and I were still wearing our hair in the way we did, respectively, when we were age 2 and 5…

With a little luck, Belinda will agree to let us record something she’s playing now, and feature it on this videoblog, so you can see what a fabulous artist she’s been becoming. And, more importantly, so that you can see that she finally changed her hair style…

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  1. Comment by Belinda:

    Chris!!! WOW I totally forgot about this piece. No wonder it sounded so familiar when one of my friends played it last year with a bassist. I thought I was just losing my mind, but apparently I’m just forgetful. It’s all coming back to me now.

    I’ve done a lot more collaboration with musicians now that I’m ASU and I’d have to agree that making music WITH people one of the most rewarding experiences.

    And you’re right that I was quiet as a kid, but not out of “duty” but rather just because I’m an extreme introvert by nature :)

    Posted on December 3, 2008 @ 1:17 pm

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